Ways to Keep Your Home Protected

July 21, 2021 | Posted by: Sherry Corbitt

There are many different methods to help protect and ensure the safety of your home. Having precautions put into place can ensure both the safety of your home and your family.

Install Door and Window Alarms

These have been most recently popular in many homes. You can easily install them in your home or hire someone to. Once they are set up, they will detect whenever a window or door opens. Depending on the alarm you purchase, it will let out an alarm or even send a notification to your electronic device. Of course, you don't want an alarm going off all the time when you open a window or door. To modify the alarm, you can simply go into the settings of your alarm and adjust it to when you wish for it to be on and off.

Position Security Cameras Around the Home

Security cameras are a great way to keep burglars away. There are many different types of cameras, which can be purchased from most hardware stores. With modern technology, it is even possible to have access to your home cameras from your phone. So even if someone tries to enter your home when you are gone, you can easily be informed and call 911. Most burglars will think twice though before breaking in when they see cameras are installed around the house.

Install Motion Sensing Lights 

These lights can be used for many purposes, including protecting your home. Having them outside of your home can alert you if anyone is around. It also can surprise the burglar and cause them to leave in a panic. Having motion sensing lights inside the house can alert you if anyone is inside and in what room of the house. It will make it pretty difficult for the burglar to move around the house in a stealthy way with the lights constantly turning on.

Social Media 

Posting about your activity can be the simplest way for someone to target your house. Potential social media posts could include what you are doing outside the house, such as enjoying an evening with a friend or going away on a vacation. If someone sees this, they can easily know how long you will be gone and can easily break into your home. It would be wise to make sure that you do not share too much information about your whereabouts on social media. If you do, make sure that only your family and close friends can see it.

Consider a House Sitter

If you are leaving your house for more than a day, it may be best to ask a family member, friend, or close neighbour to watch your home. Although having security systems in place can be very helpful, you may not be able to check your systems depending on where you are going. Having someone watch your house can keep both your house safe and keep you at ease while you are gone. It certainly is better to be safe than sorry in the long run. 

Get a dog

Not only do dogs make great pets, they also provide a great amount of security to a home. They will be ready to stop anyone who tries to break into your home. Even if your dog is not assertive, it certainly will bark for you when it sees someone trying to come into the house. Of course, first consider if you and your family are able to care for a dog in your household before you get one.

Maintain Your Property

Many burglars target houses that do not look maintained or taken care of. They assume that the homeowners have gone away and have not been home in a while. Some steps to keep up your property can include regularly grabbing your newspaper and mail from the porch or mailbox. Also maintaining the lawn and front area is important to let burglars know that someone is definitely home.

Keeping Valuables Out of Sight

A big reason for break ins is when a passerby sees something valuable in a home. This can range from jewelry, gaming consoles, and wallets. Make sure that you keep valuable items out of sight from all windows and doors. If you cannot move them from a specific spot, make sure to use a curtain to block the view from people outside. When it comes to keeping legal documents and money protected, make sure to have a safe somewhere in the house. It will be very difficult for any burglar to break into it.

When you take the time to put a few of these safety tips into place, you and your family can feel more assured of you and your home’s safety. 

If you have any questions about safety precautions for your home, please reach out to me!

Sherry Corbitt, Mortgage Broker



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