Steps to Make When Moving to Another Province

August 25, 2021 | Posted by: Sherry Corbitt

A regular move can be overwhelming enough, let alone moving across the country. If you are moving to another Province, rest assured that you are not alone. Many have made a move from one Province to another with success, and you can too. Of course, to maximize the success of your move, it is wise to do a few things before or shortly after your move.


Before you make your move to a new country, it is vital to consider the different housing options. Examining the prices of the location you are looking at will help you estimate what you can and cannot afford. If you and your family are looking at moving to a Province that has higher rates, renting or purchasing a condo may be a sensible thing to do. Yet if you are moving somewhere where prices are lower, you could potentially consider a larger property. Some who have moved to other Provinces have found it helpful first to rent before they buy. It can help you to get a sense of the neighbourhood and safety level. If you feel like it does not work well for you or your family, you can move much easier and quicker somewhere else. Although examining and researching properties is smart, it is also essential to speak to real estate agents for practical information. Getting advice first before you commit to a house will certainly help you in the long run. 


This is another central aspect you need to consider before you make your move. If you are changing your job, you should start looking for another one well before the moving date comes. It can take time to find another job that is in your line of skills. In most cases, resigning from your current job close to the moving date can give you the most success. This is since you will have another job ready for when you move and will still earn an income until your moving date. Yet if you are not searching for a job and this move is solely for a new job you are taking on, consider how important it is and if it is worth it. Review the pros and cons of this job and work well for both yourself and your family.

Home Services

Once you have made your move, you must get essential home services set up. You may feel that you can do this at a later time since you are busy unpacking. When you do it right at the beginning, though, you can ensure the safety of you and your home. You can quickly go online and find a provider in your area. The prices and products can vary, so make sure that you go with a provider that will work best for you all. To stay extra safe, you may wish to have home insurance put into place. If anything were to go wrong, your house is covered. 


Getting your healthcare set up in your new Province is an important task. Although you are registered in the Province you currently are in, you must note in the Province you are moving to. Since there is a waiting time, you must be in your new Province for three months before receiving your new health card. During this waiting time, you will be covered by your old one from your previous Province. However, a factor to consider is that all Provinces have different laws on what their health care provides and offers. Therefore, it would be wise to go over what is not offered in the Province before moving. Completing such research before your move can alleviate confusion and help inform you.

Driver’s License and Insurance

Changing your license and your car’s plate is vital to do shortly after you move. There are specific time frames that you have to change within. Most Provinces give you a timeframe of 30-90 days to update them. In another Province, the driving rules and regulations may differ from your old one. Go online to the Province’s Government website to find further information on the rules and laws. You should also be aware that some Provinces require car insurance, while so do not. Make sure that you find out if your new Province does need it and get it as quickly as possible. 


There are many different aspects to think about when moving to another Province. However, putting a plan in place and completing tasks in order of importance will make your move successful. 


If you have any questions or concerns about moving to another Province, please feel free to contact me!

Sherry Corbitt, Mortgage Broker



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