Living in the Country Vs the City

September 2, 2021 | Posted by: Sherry Corbitt

If you are a homebuyer, you need to consider what environment you want to live in. The main two categories is the city and the country. These two environments both have advantages to them, yet both do not always work well for everyone. To enjoy where you live, you need to first consider which area will work best for you.

Country Advantages

A great factor of the country is that it is has a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere. You are around a lot of nature and animals, which can make your home extremely peaceful. The speed of life in the country also makes life more peaceful, since it is slower and not rushed. 


In the country, properties are largely spaced out, which offers a large amount of privacy. Country homes typically have longer driveways, which can help conceal your property from the road. You can feel much more comfortable having get togethers and friends over without having to stress about neighbours complaining. The country can certainly help you to enjoy your property to the fullest.

Lower-Priced Housing

Rural properties will usually be much lower than properties in the city. Keeping this in mind, it provides a buyer with more options of what house they can afford. Most people will have a budget on how much they can spend on a property. In the country, you can purchase a beautiful property with the same amount that you would spend on a small apartment in the city.

Country Disadvantages
Higher Grocery Prices

Although the price of a property in the country is fantastic, the prices for other essentials can be expensive. The cost for groceries and other drug store items are extremely expensive. The reason that things are so much more expensive is that it takes longer for delivery trucks to reach country areas. Taking rural roads to get to rural stores can make it slower and make transporting more difficult. 

Less Transportation Options

Living in the country definitely limits the transportation options that you have. To get around anywhere, you will have to have a car. Everything is so far apart from each other and walking or taking the bike would take too long. Not only does the country offer less transportation options, it also costs a lot more to pay for gas.

Few Career Opportunities

In the country, there certainly are less career options available. You can easily spend weeks looking for a job and come out of your search without luck. If you do happen to locate a job and score it, the pay may not be as much as you were expecting. Country jobs typically do pay less than jobs that are closer to the city.

City Advantages
More career options/choice/availability

Compared to the country, the city has a huge amount of jobs, with a wide variety of careers. Of course, prestigious jobs will be more difficult to get into, as there are many more people applying as well. Yet you do not have to worry about finding a job, as there are various needs in the city.

Cheaper Transportation

The city not only has more transportation than living in the country, it also can be much cheaper. In the city, you realistically do not need to own a car. You can buy a bus, subway, or rail transit pass for the year, which does not cost too much. In this area of life, you are saving hundreds of dollars on what you would of spent on gas. 

Social Opportunities

There are many more possibilities when you live in the city. There are numerous public activities that you can join and attend. You are able to meet people very easily in your day to day life. From this, you can make many good friendships. If you have children, the city can help them to build strong friendships with numerous individuals.

City Disadvantages

One of the biggest disadvantages of the city is how noisy it is. Within the sounds of traffic and people, it can cause you to not enjoy your property. Of course, the noise may not bother everyone and you may even enjoy the buzz of the city. Yet the noise can get to many people, especially when the noise goes throughout the night.

Increased Safety Risk

The city can have a handful of dangers and hazards. There are much higher rates of theft and criminal activity in cities. Completing daily activities can put you at risk, depending on what area you live in the city. Walking down a street can even pose a threat, since there are many who may try to harm you. 

Expensive Housing

Although there are many aspects which can make the city inexpensive, such as groceries and transportation, housing is extremely pricey. It can be very difficult to afford a property in the city. Even renting can put a strain on you, as you may have to work for your rent. You need to consider if the city life is worth it for the massive expense of a home. 


Both cities and countrysides can offer valuable things to your life. They also can make life more difficult. You can find success in where you live when you analyse the advantages and disadvantages and conclude what will work best for your lifestyle.


If you have any questions or concerns about living in the city or country, please reach out to me!

Sherry Corbitt, Mortgage Broker



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