Renting With Roommates: What You Need to Know

September 14, 2021 | Posted by: Sherry Corbitt

Whether you are new to renting or you have been renting by yourself for some time, renting with roommates can be a big adjustment to make. Having roommates can be a great experience if you put various tactics in place. To help adapt to living with roommates, consider some practical things you can do before and after moving in with them.

Before you Move-In

Although many think that it is unnecessary to do anything with your roommates before you move in, there certainly are. However, taking the time to do these few steps can make your new living arrangement easier to adapt to.

Meet Your Roommates

After you have been accepted for your rental from your landlord, take the time to sit down with your new roommates. Introducing yourself to your roommates before you move in will be beneficial to both you and your roommates. First, you can get to know each other in a more relaxed setting. Second, when you move in, you ultimately will feel more comfortable with your roommates, as you already know each other.

Speak About Your Concerns

When you meet your roommates for the first time, discuss any concerns or thoughts about renting with them. This can range from a variety of things, such as sharing space and about the rental itself. When you express your thoughts before you move in, your roommates can consider your ideas and put them into place for when you move in.

Visit the Rental With Your Roommates

After you meet, ask your roommates if they can show you around the rental with them. You most likely had a tour with the landlord or seen pictures, but having them show you around can help you have a better view of your new living space. They can show you the spaces you can use, aside from your room. Your roommates can also let you know about specific things about the rental, such as any issues that may be there.


After You Move In

After you move in, you can start to get settled. Shortly after you are settled in, there are some things that you should do which can help make a living with roommates more enjoyable.


When living with anyone, it is vital to maintain an adequate amount of communication with them. Communicating helps with ensuring everyone’s opinions and viewpoints are heard. In addition, when there is open communication, most problems can be avoided. One area of communicating that is important is when you invite guests over. If you make any plans, make sure you let your roommates know beforehand. It helps them not to be thrown off, and it overall shows respect to them.


When you live alone, it can become easy to leave your things in areas you like and prefer. When you live with roommates, though, the space is shared between you all. Therefore, you should be able to fit the majority of your stuff in your room, depending on your rental space. This helps keep the rest of your rental clean and organized for everyone else living there. Depending on your roommates, you may wish to create a cleaning schedule. This ensures that everyone maintains the rental, and it is not all left for one person to do.


Many may think of having rules as a negative thing in scenarios. However, when it comes to living with roommates, it is essential to have regulations in place. These rules ensure the safety and well-being of everyone. Some basic rules can include task schedules, as mentioned previously. It also can consist of asking for permission to use someone else’s items, knocking when entering a room, and not being too noisy. Establish a list of rules that works for you and your roommates. This will ensure that everyone shows responsibility for each other and the rental.


Although you share the same apartment or house as your roommates, privacy is crucial to ensuring that you all can live comfortably. To be a considerate roommate, give your roommates privacy. They will enjoy having you as roommates when you do this, as it shows them respect. As mentioned previously, some key ways to give your roommates privacy is to ask for permission to enter their space or to borrow something. If you notice that your roommates are not giving you enough privacy, kindly sit down and discuss your feelings. Once they are aware of this, they are much more inclined to change. 

Renting with roommates can be great when you do the necessary things before and after you move in. By following these small things, you can have a wonderful renting life with your roommates.


If you have any questions or concerns about renting with roommates, please reach out to me!

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