Houses With Unique Features: How They Increase the Sale Amount

October 12, 2021 | Posted by: Sherry Corbitt

Most houses located nearby will be similar in price, especially if they are around the same size. Yet, there are some exceptions when it comes to houses with unique features. It is a commonly debated question as to how these houses can be listed at higher prices. When you examine the features that can make a house more expensive, it can be easier to understand.

Solar Panels

If a house has solar panels, you can be assured that the house value will be higher. Solar panels collect sunlight and turn it into electricity. When installed for a house, they are usually placed on the roof. Solar panels can cut down an electricity bill by hundreds of dollars. Installing them, though, can cost thousands of dollars. Since the installation price is so high and solar panels are so electrically effective, it can raise a house’s overall price significantly. So if you are planning on buying a home with solar panels, expect to pay quite a few thousand dollars more.


A factor that can drastically increase a house’s sale amount is a pool. Having an inground pool not only costs a lot to have, but it also can make a property look more excellent and attract many people. Pools require a lot of maintenance, including the filter, heater, and lights. When you examine what is involved in a collection, it makes sense why a house’s value goes up with one.

Electric Fire Pit

Electric fire pits have been popular recently. Many people built them in their backyards and added paving around them. The maintenance is very minimal and does not require too much clean-up. In addition, an electric fire pit adds a fancy touch to a property and makes it look more modern, which can increase a house’s sale worth.

Walk-In Closet

Walk-in closets can be a significant aspect of a home. Many people are interested in a walk-in closet, as they provide a considerable amount of space and help keep things organized. If you have a walk-in closet and are planning on selling shortly, try decorating it by adding new fresh furniture and decorations. A remodeled walk-in closet can and will undoubtedly raise the price of your home.

Hidden Room

Some houses that have been explicitly designed may have a hidden room in them. However, it is typically challenging to find a home that already has one, as most people build them themselves. A secret room can have many different purposes, including having a private area to spend time in. It also can be used to store essential documents and items.

Heated Floors

This is a feature that is not very common in many houses yet can raise the amount of a home. Although it could cost a good amount to install them, heated floors can save a lot in heating. When you have the floor heaters on, it usually is unnecessary to have the room heater on. This is because the floors project a good amount of heat throughout a room. Since heated floors are not as common and unique, they can help raise the house sale.

Wine Room

A house that has a wine room is a great benefit. Not every house has this unique feature and can only be found in certain houses. Wine rooms can range from small to large. A wine room not only offers more room for drinks than upstairs, but it also makes the house more unique.

Home Bar

This feature can be more common since many have built them in their houses in recent years. A home bar can be great for company and storing your drinks. It can make a house pop and accentuate the house itself. Depending on how the bar is built and what materials, it can raise a house’s overall sale amount by a good few thousand dollars.

Play Room

Many people have a spare room in their house and turn it into a playroom for their children. Yet some houses have a specially shaped room, which is meant for storage or turning into a playroom. These unique rooms usually can blend into the house and can be pretty spacious. It can be perfect for children, as it can help keep their rooms clean from clutter. Moreover, a playroom will increase a house’s worth since it is a rare feature.

High Ceilings

This feature is something that adds elegance and openness to a house. Higher ceilings can make a home seem more significant, even if it is not. During warmer weather, higher ceilings can help a house cool down easier than regular ceilings. It also can offer more room for any house decorations and designs. High ceilings can overall turn a traditional house into a more luxurious feeling home. Expect to pay more since they certainly will add more value to a house.


These are a few unique house features that can increase the sale of a house. After learning of these features, you can be more prepared when you are home buying. In addition, you will be much more prepared with price ranges and not have to stress about them.


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