Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

April 8, 2022 | Posted by: Sherry Corbitt

As we are heading into the spring season, you may be getting ready to have your spring clean. During this time, it is great to also complete some maintenance around your property to assess any potential issues and what needs to be repaired.

Replacing Furnace Filter

During the winter, you will be using your furnace a lot, if not every day. From this, your filter can get filled up very quickly within a few short months. To avoid any damage to the furnace, ensure that you check your furnace and replace the older filter with a new filter if necessary. Most filters need to be changed within 3-4 months, yet double-check to see your exact furnace needs. Getting a new filter should cost between fifty to two hundred dollars.

Air Conditioning Inspection

As the weather starts to warm up, your air conditioning system must be ready. After sitting for several months unused, there may be some hidden issues you overlooked earlier. Ensure that you either inspect the design yourself if you have experience or contact your air conditioning company for an inspection. Having this completed in the springtime will give you enough time to resolve any problems before the summer and warm heat arrives.

Clean Out Gutters

This task should be done in the fall and springtime. Although this can be an overlooked home maintenance task, it is significant. If you do not take the time to clear out your gutters, you could risk them being damaged and even cause problems for the roof. This not only will require you to replace it, yet it will involve thousands of dollars to fix and replace. In addition, after the snow has melted, there will be a lot of mud and other gunk up in your gutters. Ensure that you find safe ways to clean them out, such as having someone hold the ladder for you as you go to the top of your house.

Check Your Attic

It is common for small animals to find a way into your attic during the winter months. Although this may not be a common problem in your house, you want to double-check just in case. If you do find that you have them in your attic, you can address the problem as soon as possible. However, when you don't complete this task, you can risk them causing damage to your house and even to you as house owners.


During the cold months, it is common for your driveway to crack. Although this may not seem serious, it can affect the driveway the longer you leave it. Consider hiring someone to fix up these cracks and re-colour your driveway. Not only will this ensure the safety of the driveway, yet it will also make your property much more desirable.

Check for leaks

As the snow melts and the rainy season begins, this will include water. Therefore, this is the most crucial time of the year to check for leaks. These leaks can come from small holes or gaps in the house foundation and can be hidden if not looking well. If you leave a leakage for too long, it will lead to mold. Having mold in your house is very dangerous and can be very difficult to remove safely. To avoid having mold or leaks in your home, ensure that you fix any potential leakage points in your house. To be extra cautious, consider hiring someone to come and look at your house to determine weak points where water could come in.

Deck or Patio

One important outside maintenance task that you should complete is checking your deck. With wind and cold weather, not only does this wear down the wood, yet it can make it unsteady. This can be dangerous, especially if wood pieces start breaking. Double-check your deck and make any repairs if there are some weak areas. As well, you may have noticed that your deck is beginning to look worn down. Try putting on another coat of paint during a no rain week, and see how much better your deck will look.

Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers

Every spring, you should be checking both your smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. For your smoke detectors, you want to make sure that they have new batteries installed and that they are up to date. If you notice that your sensors are older, you may want to purchase new ones. This is to ensure that they will work in case of an emergency. When it comes to your fire extinguishers, you want to check the expiry dates. These dates are essential to follow since they will not work well if you use an expired extinguisher.

When you complete these maintenance tasks during the spring season, you can avoid any severe problems developing in your house.

If you have any questions about other spring maintenance tasks, please reach out to me!
Sherry Corbitt, Mortgage Broker


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