How to Design a Home Office to Maximize Productivity

August 22, 2023 | Posted by: Sherry Corbitt

Anyone can throw a desk and laptop in a room and call it an office, but what does it take to create a workspace that you love and drives productivity? This task will require some intentional planning and design, however, the outcome will be having a room that motivates you, calms you, and helps work toward the vision of your dreams! 

Tip 1: Have a dedicated space 

If you work from home, hopefully, you will have a free room available to dedicate to your office. However, if you don't it’s important to still establish a work area within your home! This may be in the living room, a dining room table, or even a spare bedroom. Also, consider the amount of natural light as having access to windows will help you feel energized! If natural light isn't an option there are “SAD lamps” that mimic natural light. They are designed to help reduce symptoms of seasonal affective disorder when individuals are limited to natural sunlight.

When choosing this space it's also incredibly important to find a space that is not the place you sleep. This will decrease productivity as your mind will associate this room as a place to relax and you may feel less motivated and energized. Alternatively, working in the same space you relax and sleep in could also cause you to struggle to separate your work and home life. You may begin to feel overwhelmed and this will ultimately impact your work/life balance. 

Tip 2: Declutter

One habit I am guilty of is using my office as a mini storage room. Before decluttering I had tons of random items that made me feel overwhelmed and distracted just by stepping into the room. In my opinion, this step is the most important and will make the biggest difference in helping you maximize productivity by getting rid of micro distractions. 

Start by cleaning out the entire office and get rid of all unnecessary clutter by following these two rules:

Rule 1: Does the item have a purpose? If the answer is no, then likely you do not need this item in your office (although in some cases consider rule 2). Remember even if the answer is yes, minimalism is key. Do you really need 48 different pens, 14 backup highlighters, and 18 packs of sticky notes? Consider donating any office supplies that doesn't benefit you from keeping in storage!

Rule 2: Does it feel aligned? All items that are in your office should bring you a sense of joy or motivation. Perhaps you have a “work harder” poster in your office, you thought it would bring motivation, although every time you see it you feel overwhelmed. It may be time to remove these items and replace them with items that feel aligned and motivating. 

Tip 3: Invest in ergonomic equipment 

Sitting for prolonged periods of time can cause various issues such as back pain, neck pain, wrist pain, etc. This is why it's very important to learn how to properly design your workspace to prevent long-term issues. One essential item I would recommend purchasing is a work chair with good back support. Also, ensure your computer is within eye level to avoid poor posture and neck strain. If you are working from a laptop, there is the option of using a laptop stand (depending on your type of work this investment is commonly paired with a wireless mouse and keyboard). 

Overall, individuals invest a significant amount of time and energy into their careers, so it's important to create a workspace that you enjoy and generally look forward to spending time in. What are you waiting for, go create your dream office! 

Your Broker for Life, 

Sherry Corbitt 

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